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Here are some Pictures of Red Wilson Field. You can enlarge these thumbnails by clicking on them, and you can scroll through these pictures by using the navigation buttons on the picture pages. These were taken in 2008 and are somewhat out of date, since the team put in a number of nice new grandstands in 2009. We will get pictures during the 2010 season.

Seating and Field Visibility

The Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox have played for decades at Merrill "Red" Wilson Field, located on the grounds of the Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School. Red Wilson Field does not seem at first as if it's going to be an outstanding spectator park, but that initial impression is deceptive. The more you walk around the park looking for a place to sit, the more you realize you have numerous very good options with very good visibility. New grandstands were installed in 2009 that provide good seating on both sides of the field. There are numerous additional smaller grandstands on both first base (visitors' side) and third (home side). Only the ones that are the closest to home plate are obstructed by any sort of screen or fence. In this park, the backstop extends a sensible degree around the plate, and leaves unobstructed views for the majority of the seating area.

There is also a lot of room all over the park for a lawn chair. There is a grassy hill in left field, somewhat elevated, so that although you're some distance from the infield, you have a good view. There is room for lawn chairs along the third base line, in between a pair of grandstands, and there is room just to the right and left of the backstop. We should mention there are a half dozen rows of seats right behind the plate, in front of the press box, and they're not reserved for scouts as in some of the other parks. There is more lawn chair room just to the right of the backstop, and in the right field area just past the grandstands there is a lot more room. You could even park yourself beyond the outfield fence and still see pretty well.

Team Nickname and Uniforms

It seems inevitable that one of the Cape League teams would take the name of the beloved Boston Red Sox, and of course we can't be critical of their choice, except it makes it hard to root against them. (Maybe that was the idea.) Of course they are then able to model their uniforms after those of the BoSox. They do indeed wear red hose. Home caps are red and road caps are blue.


Red Wilson Field is one of the easiest parks in the league to find, just a short drive down Station Ave. from Exit 8 on the Mid-Cape Highway. Parking is usually adequate. There's a pretty good sized lot right at the field, parking around the front of the school building, and also parking along the other side of the school building. If it's a high attendance game, folks wind up parking out on Station Ave. and a little way up the road at another school.

This is one of the parks where you have a real risk of having your windshield smashed by a foul ball. Just don't get greedy and take a spot right next to the field. Let somebody else who didn't think of this take that spot. It's good for you to walk the little extra distance from a safer parking spot.

Team Culture

This is one of only three parks in the league without lights, and we get the impression the Red Sox are one of only two teams that doesn't even want them. We approve. Just about everything is better about day baseball than night baseball. The American baseball watching public at large has been trained to expect night baseball, even on Sundays, even during the World Series. We can't be the only Red Sox fans who think it's absolutely absurd to to be playing baseball at midnight in the first week of November at latitude 42 degrees north ... but anyway, we digress, we were talking about the Cape League, where baseball by day is still available at three of the parks, including the lovely Red Wilson Field.

The field is located next to Dennis-Yarmouth High School. Other facilities in the complex include a running track and soccer fields. So, you can catch the game and run a few quarter mile intervals afterwards. There is no playground, but plenty of room for the kids to run around. One feature repeated nowhere else in the league is an astronomical observatory where public observing sessions are held on Wednesday nights during the summer. So catch a game and stick around till after dark and you can see some more spectacular sights.

Restroom facilities consist of a row of three or four portajohns on the first base side. During busy games we've seen the pleasant indoor bathrooms at the track opened for the crowd, but this doesn't seem to always be the case, more's the pity.

The pressbox is a moderate sized building behind home plate.

Some of the music played on the loudspeakers is inspired by ... guess who ... the Boston Red Sox. Besides "Tessie," the good luck charm of a song recorded in 2004 by the Dropkick Murphys, there are plenty of other local bands that have recorded songs glorifying the Red Sox. And there's also the bewilderingly unrelated "Sweet Caroline," which has absolutely nothing to do with baseball, Boston, or the Red Sox, that somehow, for unknown reasons, has become an unofficial anthem for the Hose. You can hear that one at Red Wilson Field, too. Just don't encourage them by doing the silly singalong thing. Maybe we can get it to die a natural death.

Refreshments ... well, there are refreshments here. It is our duty as the makers of this site to describe them. You go up to a trailer (first base side, set back) and pay for what you want, and if what you want is being cooked on the grill, you go and get it from the guys with the funny hamburger hats. But the funny hamburger hats aren't the weirdest thing about the refreshments at Y-D.

The weirdest thing about the refreshments at Y-D is what they suggest to you that you should actually consume. They offer two unique concoctions called The Hurler and The Sinker. If these names aren't enough to warn you about these beasties, listen to the way they are described on the menu:

In case you weren't paying attention, that's worth repeating. The Sinker is a burger served on a donut. The Hurler is a cheeseburger served on a jelly donut. Ewwww-wwwwww ..... we sincerely hope these quotes haven't made you a little queasy. Of course, you can get a normal hot dog, nachos, a normal burger, and the usual CCBL fare ... and we heartily recommend that you do since the normal grill-cooked food is quite excellent.

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