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Here are some Pictures of Whitehouse Field. You can click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos, and you can click through the pictures using the navigation buttons on the image pages. These were taken in 2008.

Seating and Field Visibility

The Harwich Mariners have played at Whitehouse Field next to Harwich High School for decades. There are good sized wooden grandstands on both the first base and third base side about a dozen rows high, so there's a fairly good amount of seating capacity. These grandstands are wood, so not as noisy as the metal grandstands located in some of the newer parks, although they aren't very new and a few of the boards are getting creaky. There are also additional smaller grandstands about six rows high behind home plate, down the first base line, and also down the third base line. These extra stands are multi-colored so the kids will get a kick out of sitting in them -- they'll probably debate the merits of sitting in a blue row vs. a green row vs. a red row. The view isn't very good from any of these grandstands, however, because no matter where you sit in the grandstand you will be looking through a chain link fence. We find looking through a chain link fence at a night game to be very hard on the eyes. Thus we give the park a rating of only fair despite the pretty good quantity of seats.

There is room for lawn chairs along both first and third base lines, but again you'll be looking through a chain link fence. If the Mariners make the playoffs people will also bring blankets and chairs and sit out beyond the outfield fence. While at a playoff game there in 2008, the makers of this site noticed that there are a few small hills in the outfield that might allow an unobstructed, albeit distant view, if one brought a lawn chair. We might try it next year. Of course, it's ridiculous to say your view at a Cape League game is distant, considering the Yankees are charging a couple of hundred bucks for sitting much further away in their new stadium.

Best place to sit is probably in either first or third base grandstand as close to the outfield as possible, because then the chain link fence only covers the infield -- you'll at least get an unobstructed view of any great diving catches in the outfield.

Team Nickname and Uniforms

"Mariners" is a good solid nautical nickname for a Cape Cod sports team, since it hearkens back to the Cape's 19th century dominance in shipping, shipbuilding, fishing and whaling. If the 2008 dispute with Major League Baseball over copyrights and team nicknames forces some teams to change their team nicknames, we think that the Harwich Mariners should be allowed to keep their name, and Seattle should have to change theirs. The Harwich Mariners have been around a lot longer than the Seattle Mariners ... so who's the copycat?

The Mariners' away uniforms feature gray jerseys and pants and dark blue lettering. The home threads feature white jerseys and pants with a side stripe. The uniform lettering are a two-toned black and light blue combo. The distinctive uniform socks are the best in the league. The socks are so cool we have included a picture of a player showing his socks on the picture page. They have black and white horizontal stripes.


The field is located next to Harwich High School and there is plenty of parking. For overflow games there is another lot across the street with plenty of additional parking. There is no chance of getting your windshield smashed by a foul ball in any of these lots.

Team Culture

There is no actual playground for kids, but this is an especially active park for chasing foul balls among the small fry. A veritable children's army seems to race for every ball hit behind the stands. Since there are woods on both sides this is very safe for the kids. It's fun for the adults to watch the kids doing this. No matter how many young runners are ahead of them, young boys and girls will race for those balls and pile on as if to make sure that little round ball of string sewn up in leather stays tackled.

The refreshments are sold at the base of the press box building behind home plate. They sell the usual ballpark fare, hot dogs etc., but there is one outstanding menu item. The refreshment stand is famous for the best desert in the league ... fresh, hot cookies (two for a dollar), and boy are they good. Mmmm ... mmm.

Souvenirs are sold out of a trailer on the first base side.

Comfort facilities consist of one portajohn for each side of the field. (They added more during the playoffs in 2008.)

The team plays at night (7:00) and because the park is nestled in the woods, it can get buggy on a still evening, so bring your insect repellant. This is probably the buggiest park in the league, but that's the price you pay for being nestled in such a beautiful wooded setting.

This was the first park in the league to have a sophisticated electronic scoreboard, and although the two new parks (Brewster and Bourne) now have fancy scoreboards too, we think this is the best one in the league. In addition to line score, it gives you the name of the batter.

Okay, old timers. Was this the park where the brand-new lights went out the very first day they were installed, we think it was for a CCBL all-star game, back in the '60s or possibly early '70s? If anyone remembers we would love to hear from you. Email us at


Congratulations to the Harwich Mariners for winning the CCBL title in 2008, in a hard-fought best-of-three series over the Cotuit Kettleers. They won the very exciting, decisive Game 2 with a pinch-hit single in the bottom of the ninth. The semifinals featured one of the most incredible Cape League games ever, a 1-0 victory over the Orleans Cardinals in 18 innings.

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