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Pictures of the Field (includes views from different seating areas, to help you decide where you'd like to sit at the game). These pictures were taken in 2008.

Seating and Field Visibility

The Falmouth Commodores play at Guv Fuller Field on Main Street in downtown Falmouth. We rate it as a good spectator park, the third best in the Western Division. It has a roomy grandstand on the first base side, not obstructed by any sort of screen or fence, that is one of the best grandstands anywhere in the league. Just beyond this grandstand heading toward right field is a good sized area for putting a lawn chair where one also has an unobstructed view. There is an additional grandstand in right field, but this one is positioned to view the field in its high school football configuration, meaning that if you sit in it for a Commodores game you will sit at an angle and you might need a chiropractor the next day. However, at least the park does have this extra capacity that makes it more workable for an all-star or playoff game than some of the other fields.

There is room behind the first base side of home plate where people stand or occasionally put a chair. Folks also get a good view standing behind the dugouts.

On the third base (visitors') side there is another smaller grandstand. In 2009 the team put up a screen blocking the view of the people sitting in that grandstand. The pictures on the picture page are probably obsolete; we'll see what we can do in 2010. Further down the left field line another grassy area for lawn chairs or blankets. My advise to visiting fans is to occupy that grassy area, or just pick a relatively neutral spot on the first base line, because the visiting grandstand is the worst place to sit at this park.

There is a wheelchair ramp and an area in the front of the stands for wheelchairs in the first base stands.

The pressbox is situated behind home plate. It is a modest sized pressbox, but we hear the team is raising funds for a raze and rebuild project. We are hoping that they are not planning a McMansion Pressbox like the one at Bourne.

Team Nickname and Uniforms

"Commodores" is a good nickname for a Cape Cod sports team since it hearkens back to the Cape's 19th century dominance in shipping, fishing and whaling. And the Commodore is a big important guy, a leader; you wouldn't call a team the "Third Mates" unless you didn't plan on winning much of anything.

Home uniforms feature white pants with pinstripes and the layered look on top -- sleeveless white jerseys with cranberry undershirts. The cranberry colored lettering and white caps complete the look. We think it's funny that the Falmouth Commodores wear white caps and the Brewster White Caps wear blue caps. Falmouth's road uniforms feature black jerseys and hats, possibly the only actual black team kit in the league.


The main parking lot is on Route 28 (Main Street -- all our roads have two names) next to the park. The park is next to the police station so mind your Ps and Qs coming to the game. There is enough parking in this lot for most regular season games. If it's playoffs or all star game folks wind up parking out past the outfield fence on Dillingham Ave., but during regular season this isn't necessary.

You won't get your windshield smashed, unless you've done something very bad and your car has been seized by the police, since the cars that are in smashing position are the ones in the police impound lot. Most people who are in that much of a pickle wouldn't be attending a Cape League game.

Team Culture

For the kids, there is a modest blue playground outside the entrance to the field, along with a regulation sized basketball court. Sometimes we've seen basketballs just lying around on this court for anyone to use, so go ahead ... you're on vacation and Tyler in accounting won't know you tossed up thirteen airballs in a row.

In 2008 the Commodores hired an outside vendor to come in and supply food. They used to have a grill where they made yummy burgers and sausages, but that's a lot of work and depends on volunteer labor. The new vendor supplies good quality ballpark food -- dogs, burgers, kielbasa, chips, etc. They even have fried dough, which is of questionable edibility, in our opinion. The food from this vendor is also considerably more expensive than the food at most of the parks.

This field has the longest name of any in the Cape League -- the Arnie Allen Diamond at Guv Fuller Field. Arnie Allen was a longtime volunteer who had worked for the team for generations who passed away in the early 2000s and had the diamond named for him. Sweet.

The Commodores occasionally have a mascot, by the name of Homer. Homer is a guy in a baseball uniform with a big baseball for a head. Did you ever see the movie "The Fly" -- not the recent remake, but the movie from the 1950s with Vincent Price? In that movie the mad scientist is inventing a transporter beam, but a fly gets in the transporter chamber with him and when they both come out the other side, the fly has his head and he has the head of the fly. (Icky.) Homer always reminds me of that movie; I couldn't help thinking that he was a man who got into a transporter chamber with a baseball and this is what happened. Homer, like mascots everywhere, serves as a distraction from the game, apparently in the belief that baseball is too boring to hold the attention of little children. If that's the case, why do they send for Babe Ruth when some kid is sick in the hospital?

If you like to score but don't have a scoresheet with you, get one from a display rack at the entrance to the park. If you've never scored before, get one and give it a go. There are conventions to scoring, but they don't matter, as long as you can understand your own notation. The makers of this site feel that a successful scoring system doesn't have to follow the rules, if what happened in an inning can be reconstructed using a scoresheet. But don't get carried away and start scoring each pitch. You have to watch the game sometime. Besides, the pitch count is way overrated as a statistic. If we could get certain major league managers to start managing their pitchers according to how the guy is doing, and not according to his pitch count, it would be an improvement ... but we digress, again.

On the second Sunday in August the Town of Falmouth hosts a world-class running event, the Falmouth Road Race (not affiliated with the local Falmouth Track Club). This can be disruptive to the Commodores game, if there is one, since the runners are all coming to pick up their race numbers and paraphernalia next door at the Gus Canty Rec Center and as a result all the parking is in use. But it's only once a year and when else do you get a chance to rub elbows with someone who can run 7 miles in less than a half an hour?

A group of spectators always at the game is the osprey family, nesting out in center field. The male bird likes to fly around above the field while the game is in progress, uttering its high pitched cry. Before the 2008 season, the Commodores replaced the lights at the park with new, bright ones, which by the way improved visibility considerably. They also took the opportunity to move one light pole out of the way on the first base side and put it behind the stands. (Well done.) But at that time, apparently in an effort to accommodate the ospreys, and probably hoping to keep them off the light pole, an osprey platform was put up in center field. But the team forgot to ask any bird experts what to do, because the new osprey platform is about half the height of the light poles. No self-respecting osprey is going to nest on a short pole just because it has a platform when one twice its height is right next door.

One last delicate note: Guv Fuller Field has the worst restrooms in the league. If you HAVE to go, use the handicapped one. This info was true in 2009; maybe in the future they will fix the problem.

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