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Here are some Pictures of Stony Brook Park. These pictures were taken in 2008. You can click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos, and you can click through the pictures using the navigation buttons on the image pages. These photos will give you an idea of what the view is like from the different parts of the seating area.

Seating and Field Visibility

The Brewster Whitecaps have played since 2007 at a new location, Stony Brook Field, located at the Stony Brook Elementary School off Underpants Road (as the small fry who attend the school would say ... it's really Underpass Rd. if you're trying to find it on a map). Unfortunately, seating and visibility at the new field suffer from a combination of problems: the field's too-small footprint, chain link fences obstructing seating areas, and sloping dugout roofs blocking views.

There are a few small grandstands on both the first and third base sides, but the view from every seat in them is obstructed by a chain link fence. Right behind home plate, in front of the press box, are a few rows of good seating (for those who like sitting behind the plate), but this section is marked for scouts only. There is a tall grassy slope on the first base side that would have had lawn chair or blanket potential, but the dugout, which was constructed with a steeply sloping roof, blocks the view. There are also a couple of small hills on the third base side, with views also obstructed by sloping dugout roofs. Both dugouts were placed in the worst possible spot, and both were constructed with sloping roofs, which add several feet of height to the dugouts, blocking the view from what would have been a lot of potential seating, if it wasn't for those roofs. Similar sloping dugout roofs are also a big problem at the new Bourne field.

Both the Whitecaps and the Bourne Braves got new parks in the 2007 season, and apparently neither was constructed for the benefit of spectators. The Bourne park has screens, fences and poles obstructing views from almost every seat, but at least it has a fairly good amount of room. But the new Whitecaps' field is simply built in a bad location. There simply isn't enough room here for a park adequate to the size of crowds that the Cape League draws.

Beyond the dugout on the third base side there is room for a significant number of lawn chairs, and an unobstructed view of the field. There is also a smaller area like this on the first base side beyond the dugout, and an area with picnic benches out by right field with a decent view of the field. There is also space for about three lawn chairs on top of one hill on the third base side where one can get a rare unobstructed view. We think there are a couple of fans who come early to grab these seats for every game.

The park is nestled in a valley next to the hill on which the school is located. There is room for quite a few lawn chairs along the top of the hill, next to the school, overlooking the first base side of the field. But from there it's a long way to the field, and even from this location the sloping dugout roof blocks first base and the first base line.

The grassy hill out beyond the center field fence also provides an unobstructed view. Although there isn't a lot of room out there (as there is at Chatham), there is room for a few lawn chairs, so if you (like us) hate looking through a screen, that's a good option.

At least Brewster's pressbox is a modest size, not taking up an excessive amount of room behind home plate (as the pressbox in Bourne does).

Stony Brook Field opened in the 2007 season. Prior to this the Whitecaps played at the field at Cape Cod Technical High School, which is unfortunately located a short distance over the town line in Harwich. It was a little odd that Brewster played its home games in a different town, so the team moved to this new field at the Stony Brook Elementary School in Brewster.

But it's really a shame they did. The old field at the Tech School had much better visibility. The seating was all on the first base side, on a hill. There were plenty of places to put a lawn chair where you could get an excellent view, as well as some grandstands. As well as the unobstructed views of the field, we used to enjoy the elevated vantage point for watching a game.

Your best bet for viewing a game at Stony Brook Park is to bring a lawn chair and place it down the third base line just past the dugout.

Team Nickname and Uniforms

Here's one category in which the Brewster team gets a high rating. We think "Whitecaps" is an excellent nickname, in fact, we like it the the best of any in the league.

"Whitecaps" is simply a brilliant team nickname for a sports team that plays by the seashore. Not only does the name remind you of the lovely experience of dabbling in the ocean while walking the expansive Brewster flats, it also evokes Brewster's glorious sea captains of the past. Appropriately for a sports team, it has a mildly aggressive tone, since the ocean has its violent side.

But the team doesn't wear white caps! Maybe we're imagining it, but we think they did a few years ago, when the team first came into the league, but our guess is that they have been retired in favor of a more practical dark blue. Did the house parents complain the white caps were just impossible to keep clean?

Overall, the uniforms are quite stylish, as one might expect from a team that came into the league in recent times. The away uniforms have dark blue jerseys with two-toned lettering, light blue letters with a white outline. The home uniforms have white jerseys and pants, with the lettering light blue with a black drop shadow, elegant looking black piping on the shoulders, and black socks. (Black might actually be very very very very very very dark blue.)


Very good; plenty of parking at the elementary school. And you won't get your windshield smashed unless you are with the team and somehow get your car into the playground area.

Team Culture

The restrooms are located up the hill on the first base side in the school building, and they are clean and have adequate capacity.

A great feature of this park for the kids is the very fun playground behind the press box (behind home plate). There is a mesh screen over the playground so foul balls won't drop on the noggins of the joyfully screaming youngsters. Since the park is very far away from the nearest road it's also safe to just run around and chase balls. There is also a full-size basketball court next to the playground.

There is a large electronic scoreboard in center field, and it's a blue color, matching the uniforms. Very nice.

The refreshments and souvenirs are located in trailers on the third base side, behind the grandstands on that side. Therefore, they don't block any of the view, as they do in Bourne. The usual ballpark fare is on the menu.

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