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You have arrived at a website maintained by two fans of the Cape Cod Baseball League. This is an independent website, not related in any way to the Cape Cod Baseball League. We are glad you are visiting and hope that you will take a look around this site. We think you'll find some fun and useful Cape League information that you won't find on the official site. We started this site after we had taken many pictures of Cape League parks in 2007 and 2008 and wanted to share them with others who might be interested. There have been some updates to some of the parks with pictures taken in 2009.

Our intention with this website is to give you a glimpse of the Cape League from a spectator's perspective. The comments, information and opinions you will see here are not presented from the point of view of the players, the teams, the scouts, the houseparents, the volunteers or anyone else officially affiliated with the league, but simply from the point of view of a pair of folks who have a love for the game of baseball and enjoy the Cape Cod Baseball League. This is a site for us, the fans of the league.

The makers of this site are not affiliated with the league or with any of the teams in the league. We are simply fans of baseball and of the Cape Cod Baseball League. We are also Red Sox fans but we think heading to a Cape League field is a way better deal than making the long expensive journey to Fenway for a Major League game. Here is a link to the official CCBL site.

The ten Cape League teams are made up of talented amateur players at the college level, playing with wooden bats, for free, in a casual, family-friendly atmosphere. The admission is free and so is the parking, although we do miss the Red Sox experience of taking the train to the ballyard. There are no drunken louts at Cape League games shouting rude comments to opposing players. A testy "c'mon, Blue" addressed to an umpire who's just (in the fan's opinion) blown a call is about as abusive as the crowds get. You don't wind up getting up 50 times in a game to let the other fans in the row visit the concessions. The fans in front of you don't stand up every time the count goes to 3-2 and block your view (like they do at Fenway ... when did that rude behavior get to be expected crowd etiquette?). A handful of the teams even observe the most glorious of baseball traditions and play their games during the daytime. If you have young children or grandchildren you'll be able to forge lasting memories by explaining the rules of baseball to them as you watch the game. For example ... Parent: See number 11? He's stealing second base! Six-year old: Is that bad?

The Cape League gets a lot right, but not everything, of course. One boner is the League's marketing slogan: "Where The Stars of Tomorrow Shine Tonight." This slogan gets it all wrong, putting the emphasis on the unknown mystery of the future instead of the simple pleasure of today. This slogan seems to imply that the only reason to attend is to get some autographs from a few future major leaguers, and to be able to say a few years down the line that you "saw that guy play on the Cape." But we believe that is not the true appeal of the Cape League. The appeal of the Cape League lies in the fact that these are good players here and now, today -- not at some future date -- playing in a casual, accessible, alcohol- and smoke-free setting, where anyone can get to a game and see a good quality of baseball, with a fine Cape Cod mist settling over the field and the sound of a distant foghorn setting the atmosphere. "Baseball: The Way It Should Be" would be a better slogan.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website and if you have any comments or questions go ahead and mail us at You will find links to pages about each individual team in a green box up at the top of this page.

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